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MATADOR is a digital marketing and advertising agency with a proven track record of scaling businesses through omnichannel marketing, data science & analytics, and cutting-edge growth hacking tactics.

founded on the principle of no bs + driving results, we strive to innovate and deliver value for our partners in all shapes and sizes.



since its inception in early 2018, Matador has already been tapped into by multi-million dollar businesses in a wide-range of consumer, B2B, and lead generation verticals.

marketing & biz strategy

After your initial consultation and onboarding, we will audit and assess all aspects of your business to craft a custom tailored growth plan to guide your business to the next level.


We lean heavily on data to fuel our digital approach, and build custom dashboards and data solutions to enable greater transparency within your organization.


We are no-nonsense, objective-driven marketers that work across digital platforms and eco-systems. Our lean-and-mean approach is the foundation for how we operate and work with our partners.


Conversion is the name of the game, and we simply know how to build & optimize high-converting websites + landers + content to drive it.

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we work across platforms and craft custom-tailored strategies for your unique business.

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free consultation

$ free
  • 15-30 min chat with our core team
  • free tips + tricks to grow your business

business partnership

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  • complete client + agency integration
  • à la carte resources depending on your needs

custom solutions

$ ask
  • website + ad + campain setup
  • analytics dashboards + tracking

need-based consultation

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  • role-specific resourcing
  • choose to use our resources or your own
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